In a agile methodology gathering requirements with the product owner remains one of the most important things to discuss. The product owner is a key stakeholder in all matters relating to the product. The project can be determined by the owner and they can make changes how they see fit. Gathering requirements remains a key component in deciding how to achieve the goals listed in the project.

Goals can include anything that the product owner see fit for the project. It is important that all members know what the owner wants and the requirements of the project.  In determining the requirements the team must know what type of technologies are required along with the feasibility of the project.  This means not having requirements that are not yet possible.  It is imperative to have a discourse on the data of the project.[1]Gathering requirements involves knowing what the owner wants in the project.  This can be a plethora of things but it is the teams decision to decide if it is capable of doing the work.  They decide what they want and when they want it.  The first thing to consider in teams is to decide how to meet the requirements and make the product owner happy. [2]

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