When working in an agile team it’s imperative to work well together, so it’s important to form a good team. Forming a good team, will allow for better chemistry. In the video, it’s explained that, “scrum is one of the earliest frameworks, many agile teams still use the scrum language to describe the team roles”(Defining the agile team roles). Knowing a little about how the roles come into play from this article (Moye’s Article), it helps with working well together in an agile team. Having a defined job in the team can keep everyone in the team on track, and the team.

Next, to work well together it’s recommended that when beginning agile, it’s a small core group. Typically, after starting up the first small core group in agile, that group should start doing “Conversion by Contagion”, which is explained in this scenario “First, you get one team up and running using agile. Then you have that team introduce agile to the rest of the teams. So you convert one team to agile and then share their contagious excitement with the rest of the organization. Work closely with that first team to make sure they explain agile correctly.” (Training the agile team) Teaching the first team how to work well together, good habits and work ethic will carry over to the other teams.

Working well together in an agile team doesn’t just happen, the teams need time to be successful. “To get the team to work well you need to work with your optimists and the skeptics.”(Training the agile team). These skeptics and optimists will be the core team to spread the love of agile. As said in the quote, for the agile team to work well with each other, these are the people that need to be taught the framework well.

Happy team is a team that works well together!

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